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Our mission is to provide pet lovers with the same human quality products that we use for ourselves.

ENB Science LLC was founded by animal lovers who have a passion to improve the quality of ingredients and accuracy of dosing within the vitamin, supplement, and nutrient category of companion animal health. True-Dose™ uses patented technology to revolutionize the way we care for our pets and answers an immediate needs for improved quality, increased accuracy in dosing, and improved convenience for daily use. Just as with human health care, animal medical care and technology is continually improving with better preventative treatment and increased attention to wellness.

The founders of True-Dose have extensive experience in both human pharmaceuticals and companion animal health. The goal of providing human quality pharmaceutical grade products to the animal health arena has been realized with the incorporation of strategic partnership arrangements that allow True-Dose™ to provide exclusive components to reach the highest level of quality and meet the standards set forth in our goals.